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Crane Accessory Hire

Brick Forks

Brick ForksBrick Forks are designed to lift brick packs or pallets, fitted with adjustable forks enabling them to handle various sizes. They have a spring loaded lifting bracket which means that the forks stay level empty or full.

The forks are fitted with mountings front & rear to enable fitting of the safety net supplied. Ex railway sleepers hardwood grade 1.
Available for hire.




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Please Click Here to download a technical document in pdf format.

Block Grabs

Block GrabThe mechanical block grab is designed to have sufficient free height (835mm) to pick up a brick pack from the bottom. The adjustable free height enables it to transport blocks, kerbs & other packs.

Available for hire and supplied with a lifting eye for attaching to a suitable lifting device they come in two sizes with a S.W.L. of either 1500 or 1800kg. A fitted safety net is available & recommended.




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Kerb Grab

Kerb GrabsThe kerb grab is a mechanical grab with a lifting eye suitable for lifting a wide variety of kerbs, steps & other pre formed sections. It has a S.W.L. of 700kg & the width is automatically adjustable between 100mm & 380mm. It also has an auto release mechanism to speed up operations. Available for hire.
Unladen Weight 55kg.




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Circular Tipping Muck Skip

Circular Tipping Muck SkipThe Circular Tipping Muck Skip is used for site rubbish and spoil removal.

To empty the Muck Skip the bale arm locking fingers are disengaged allowing the skip to be tipped. The 1500L capacity model is fitted with a reinforced heavy duty bale arm.  Available for hire.



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Please Click Here to download a technical document in pdf format.

Self Discharging Boat Skips

Self Discharging Boat SkipOur Self Disharging Boat Skip is designed for handling rubble, earth and other materials around a construction site. The skip is fitted with a hinged reinforced bale arm which offers advantages over traditional circular tipping skips.

The skip is designed to be used by the crane operator without the need for an assistant. Offers improved safety and productivity over traditional circular tipping muck skips.

The Self Discharging Boat Skips are available for hire.

Capacities from 500 - 2000 litres.
Available in PB or CP Versions.


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Please Click Here to download a technical document in pdf format. PB Version
Please Click Here to download a technical document in pdf format. CP Version

Man Cage

Man CageMan cages are available for between one & four persons. Supplied with chains for lifting, they are a safe & secure method for working at height. They are all fitted with an inward opening gate, non slip floor & an inner rail for attaching a safety harness. Available for hire.





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Stretcher Man Cage

Stretcher Man CageThe stretcher man cage is designed as a safe & secure method for transporting injured personnel who are immobilized along with an attendant. It is suitable for any high structure or deep excavation. The casualty is put in the cage via a sliding side entrance which then becomes totally enclosed.  Available for hire.

Size: L 2.5M, H 2.0M, W 760mm. S.W.L. 675kg




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Skip Lifting Cradle

Skip Lifting CradleThe skip lifting cradle is used for lifting standard builders skips of up to 8 cu yard in capacity. Two beams locate underneath the skip base with additional safety clips to the four lugs. S.W.L. 11.2 tonnes. Available for hire.






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Chain Slings

Chain SlingA full range of chain slings are available for hire from 1m single leg (SWL 5.3 tonnes) to 5m four leg (SWL 15.2 tonnes)

All manufactured from grade 80 steel chain, all available with self-locking safety hooks & shorteners




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Please Click Here to download a technical document in pdf format.

Road Plate

Road PlateRoad plates are used for temporary cover of excavations in roadways & footpaths. All road plates have lifting eyes for ease of handling & can be supplied in both standard or anti slip finish.

Road Plate are available for hire in standard sizes and approximate weights are listed below, other non standard sizes available. Please contact us for details.

  • 1.22x1.22x13mm (4`x4`x1\2”) 155kg
  • 1.83x1.22x13mm (6`x4`x1\2”) 225kg
  • 1.83x1.22x19mm (6`x4`x3\4”) 365kg
  • 2.44x1.22x13mm (8`x4`x1\2”) 310kg
  • 2.44x1.22x19mm (8`x4`x3\4”) 500kg
  • 2.44x1.22x25mm (8`x4`x1”) 615kg


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EKKI Excavator or Crane Mats

EKKI Excavator or Crane Mats“EKKI” or excavator or crane mats are used to provide access for both rubber & tracked vehicles to areas with difficult ground conditions. They are also used to reduce axle weight pressures & cut the risk of damage where access is required over underground services. Available for hire.

Size 3500x1000x70mm.




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Railway Sleepers

Railway SleeperEx railway sleepers hardwood grade 1. Dimensions 2590x254x127mm. They are ideal for stacking or jacking operations, kerb protection or road silhouette layout. Available for hire.






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