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Trench Sheeting & Strut Hire

Trench Sheets

Trench SheetsPrimarily used for ground support & trench work. Trench sheets are available in 0.5m increments from 2.0m to 6.0m.

Providing a safe working environment for groundworkers & utilities.  Available for hire.





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Trench Struts

Trench StrutsTrench Struts are designed to be used horizontally to support trench walls thus providing safety to those working in trenches. Clawed ends ensure maximum grip against the trench walls. Availabe for hire.

  • Size 0 0.305m 1`0” to 0.475m 1`6”
  • Size 1 0.475m 1`6” to 0.686m 2`3”
  • Size 2 0.686m 2`3” to 1.092m 3`7”
  • Size 3 1.016m 3`4” to 1.676m 5`6”



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Acrow Prop

Acrow PropAcrow props are rugged adjustable supports with telescopic height adjustment used for formwork, floors, walls & ceilings available for hire.

  • No 0 1.041m 3`5” - 1.829m 6`0”
  • No 1 1.753m 5`9” - 3.124m 10`3”
  • No 2 1.981m 6`6” - 3.352m 11`0”
  • No 3 2.590m 8`6” - 3.962m 13`0”
  • No 4 3.200m 10`6” - 4.876m 16`0”




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Driving Cap

Trench Sheet Driving CapTrench sheet driving caps fit over the profile & are used for reducing the risk of damage to the ends of the trench sheets during installation. Two types are available, one for standard lap trench sheets & one multi purpose for other profiles. Available for hire.





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Trench Sheet Extractor

Trench Sheet ExtractorTrench sheet extractors are used for removing trench sheets from an excavation one at a time through the pre-drilled hole in the end of the trench sheet, reducing the risk of damage during removal.

Two types are available for hire. The standard one has a hinged jaw arrangement with a pin that locates through the pre-drilled hole in the end of the sheet & the other is a quick release one that allows single operation lifting with a rope attached to release the sheet from ground level.

  • Standard = s.w.l of 5 Tonne
  • Quick release = s.w.l. of 2 Tonne


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