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Backhoe Manhole Box ProMech Ground Support Systems in Hampshire, East Sussex, Somerset

Backhoe Manhole Box

The Backhoe Manhole Box is a four sided excavation box which provides a safe working area below ground. The backhoe manhole box can sustain earth pressures of 20kn/m2.Users should check that the excavation will impose no greater pressures than this.

Installation is easy through the ‘Dig and Push’ method. This ensures that the side walls of the excavation are supported and minimises the likelihood of an accident. Two panel lengths are available, 2500mm or 3000mm lengths. A top box can be used to increase depth to a maximum of 3000mm.

  • Provides safe working area below ground.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Dig and Push method.
  • Pin and Clip System.
  • SWL 20kn/m2
  • Base unit weight 851kg and 972kg.
  • 2500mm or 3000mm panel lengths.
  • 1200mm clearance between lower strut.
  • Panel thickness 60mm.
  • End Return Panels provide additional support.
  • Additional equipment available

Product Description

Backhoe Manhole Box 2.5m 3.0m
Base Top Base Top
Panel Length(mm) 2500 2500 3000 3000
Panel Height(mm) 2000 1000 2000 1000
Panel Thickness(mm) 60 60 60 60
Weight(kg) 875 460 975 508
Distance Between Struts(mm) 2200 2200 2700 2200
Clearance Below Strut(mm) 1200 1200
To Suit Ring Size(mm) 1050/1200/1350 1350/1500/1800
Standard Working Load 20kn/m2 20kn/m2 20kn/m2 20kn/m2