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Multitest Stoppers ProMech Ground Support Systems in Hampshire, East Sussex, Somerset

Multitest Stoppers

With the multitest stopper, one stopper covers a range of pipe diameters. For example, a 300mm and a 375mm pipe could be tested using the same pair of stoppers (300/400), which means less time and money spent on re-sourcing additional stoppers.

  • Easy to use.
  • Inflates and seals any pipe within a 100mm range.
  • Designed for use when testing pipes to a standard air test of 100mm of water over air.
  • Fits irregular sized pipelines.
  • Lightweight.

Product Description

Sizes Available:

  • 300/400mm
  • 400/500mm
  • 500/600mm
  • 700/800mm
  • 800/900mm
  • 900/1050mm

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