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Standard Trench Box Promech Ground Support Systems in Hampshire, East Sussex, Somerset

Standard Trench Box

The Standard Trench Box us used to provide a safe working area below ground and ensure that the side walls of an excavation are continually supported. Standard trench boxes can be used in conjunction with other boxes, including manhole boxes. They are quick and easy to install.

The standard trench box can be used in trenches up to 5.6m deep with widths from 600mm to 2800mm. Up to two extension boxes can be added on top of the standard trench box to achieve additional depth if needed.

Product Description

  • 2 sided support
  • Used in conjunction with Manhole Boxes.
  • Additional top boxes available.
  • Quick and Easy to install.
  • Dig and Push method used.
  • Edge Safe.
  • Ladder Access.
  • Additional equipment available.
Struts Internal(mm)
Size 0 600-800
Size 1 800-1200
Size 2 1200-1600
Size 3 1600-2000
Size 4 2000-2400
Size 5 2400-2800
Standard Trench Box Base Top
Panel Length(mm) 3500 3500
Panel Height(mm) 2600 1500
Panel Thickness(mm) 100 100
Overall External Trench Width 800-3000 800-3000
Weight(kg) 2100 1130
Distance Between Struts(mm) 3210 3210
Clearance Below Struts(mm) 1500
Standard Working Load(mm) 40kn/m2 40kn/m2